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Opticon PX-20, 2D imager Bluetooth

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    Opticon PX20 ( 1D/2D ) Bluetooth: Ver. 2.1, SPP, HID, 1 to 1 connection, USB: MicroUSB, Non-visual Buzzer, ( incl USB kabel en batter) , FlashROM: 512 kB RAM: 96 kB External FlashROM 1024 kB (>50.000 barcodes + time stamp), VCP, Visual: 1 LED (red/green/blue) Warranty: 12 months

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The PX20 is the smallest programmable 2D Bluetooth data collector. With a fast integrated 2D CMOS scanner and when fully charged, offering operating times of up to 35 hours. In occasions where Bluetooth is not provided, access by the USB port enables (cabled) data transfer to any USB device. The PX20 is supplied as a ready to go functional kit including a USB cable and lanyard. With its unique ergonomic design and weighing only 40 grams the PX20 is perfectly suited to being worn around the user’s neck with the lanyard supplied. Besides a modern and well thought-out design the PX20 has a drop resistance to 1.8 meters (no need for a special protection cover) and is IP 54. The PX20 is modern, fully functional and very durable, perfect for outdoor operations.

Technology Imager-Scanner
Mobileprinter Nein
Keyboard Nicht zutreffend
Follower Nicht zutreffend
Ready quality Nicht zutreffend
Parcelware Nein
Type Scanner Cordless
Modellen Nicht zutreffend
Touch technology Nicht zutreffend
Aantal licenties Nicht zutreffend
Extra opties Nicht zutreffend
Warranty Nicht zutreffend
Quality DPI Nicht zutreffend
Box Nicht zutreffend
Connacting Port Nicht zutreffend
Label Width Nicht zutreffend
Optionen Nicht zutreffend
Printer type Nicht zutreffend
Manufacturer Opticon
Operation OS Nicht zutreffend
Color Nicht zutreffend
Printing TEC Nicht zutreffend

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