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Unitech MS912 1D Bluetooth Data Collector

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    Unitech MS912 1D ( NO memory ) Bluetooth linear CCD Barcode Scanner, 5000 scans, Mini Data Collector , Supports HID and SPP Bluetooth connection, Windows, Android and Apple compatible, 30.2 grams Warranty: 12 months
    excl. 145,00 € Incl. 175,45 €

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    Unitech MS912 1D ( with 2MB memory ) Bluetooth linear CCD Barcode Scanner, 5000 scans, Mini Data Collector , Supports HID and SPP Bluetooth connection, Windows, Android and Apple compatible, 30.2 grams Warranty: 12 months

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New mini barcode reader MS912 series which is being recognized as the smallest model in its class is released by Unitech. Combining wireless communication and compact design, MS912 series gives mobile worker many places to keep it conveniently and safely while on the go. For maximum flexibility, Unitech also unveils the family model MS912M which is built-in a storage capacity of 2MB memory in case of the data lost issue. The MS912 Series is truly the best choice for any scanning application such as retail, healthcare and office automation. Ultra-portable and durable Design for mobile workers, the MS912 series weighs in at just 30.2g and is about the size of a single pack of gum. Not only with an ultra-compact size, but also it has a 1.5 meter drop threshold and is back by a 1 year limited manufactures warranty. Furthermore, the MS912 features Unitech’s high-speed decoder paired with an aggressive scan engine which provides outstanding scanning performance up to 240 scans per second. MS912 series is ideal tool to streamline workflow and reliable to operate everyday. Easy pairing with wireless technology The MS912 series provides the convenience of wireless technology with the simplicity of a single-button scanning design which makes barcode data collection simple, reliable for all users. With wireless communications, MS912 series is easy to pair with your smart phone (including apple or android system) or tablet, these features helps users to improve efficiency in mobile work place and delivers the flexibility with the 10 meters operating range. Extended Storage Capacity Beyond its versatility, the family model MS912M helps to store data in a buffer mode and with the memory of 2MB for up to 20,000 scans ensuring no data is lost while it is out of range of the wireless signal, also upload the data to the back-end system with a simple setting, allowing users to complete their tasks without interruption. With a CCD imager, MS912 series captures 1D barcode data up to 5 mil resolution. Additionally, the MS912 series allows you to charge the internal Lithium-Ion battery by utilizing a standard USB port. With full compatibility to most every wireless enabled device, including Apple devices, it makes the Unitech MS912 series a best product for any mobile worker or business professional. There is no doubt that the compact MS912 series is an excellent auto data collection solution which is the smallest and smartest in its class.

Technology CCD-scanner
Mobileprinter Nein
Keyboard Nicht zutreffend
Follower Nicht zutreffend
Ready quality Nicht zutreffend
Parcelware Nein
Type Scanner Cordless
Modellen Nicht zutreffend
Touch technology Nicht zutreffend
Aantal licenties Nicht zutreffend
Extra opties Nicht zutreffend
Warranty Nicht zutreffend
Quality DPI Nicht zutreffend
Box Nicht zutreffend
Connacting Port Nicht zutreffend
Label Width Nicht zutreffend
Optionen Nicht zutreffend
Printer type Nicht zutreffend
Manufacturer Unitech
Operation OS Nicht zutreffend
Color Nicht zutreffend
Printing TEC Nicht zutreffend

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