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CAB SQUIX 2 Industrial Labelprinter

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    CAB SQUIX 2, TT, 300 dpi, tear-off edge, LAN, serial, USB direct thermal printing, thermal transfer, LAN, serial, USB, WLAN, Flathead, incl. basic labeling software, 2 years warranty Warranty: 12 months
    excl. 1.799,00 € Incl. 2.140,81 €

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    CAB SQUIX 2P, TT, 300 dpi, dispenser, LAN, serial, USB direct thermal printing, thermal transfer, LAN, serial, USB, WLAN, Flathead, incl. basic labeling software, 2 years warranty Warranty: 12 months
    excl. 2.100,00 € Incl. 2.499,00 €

    Unser Lager: Geen voorraad

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The professional SQUIX label printers are the further development of the successful A+ printer series.

They fit with a wide range of industrial applications. They have been developed with focus on easy and convenient operation and high reliability.

The print mechanics and the chassis are made of high-quality materials and perfectly match in terms of shape and function. A large number of peripherals and software enable customer-specific solutions.

Whether they are operated in stand-alone mode, in a PC application or within a network – the rugged SQUIX printers are always up to the mark. The high-speed processor ensures fast print job processing and immediately provides the required label.

  Technical data SQUIX  with SQUIX M and SQUIX MP by comparison (PDF)

Typical Typical  Possible  Possible   standard Standard     Option Option

  1.1 1.2 1.3
Label printerSQUIX 2SQUIX 4.3SQUIX 4SQUIX 6.3
Material feed Left-aligned
Printing method: Thermal transfer Typical Typical Typical Typical Typical Typical Typical Typical
Printing method: Thermal direct Possible - Typical Typical Possible - Typical Typical
Printable resolution dpi 300 600 203 300 300 600 203 300
Print speed up to mm/s 250 150 250 250 300 150 250 250
Print width  up to mm 56.9 54.1 104 108.4 105.7 105.7 168 162.6
Print start: Distance to locating edge mm 2 2.8 1.2 2 0.5 3.2
Roll, fanfold: Paper, cardboard, PET, PE, PP, PI, PVC, PU, acrylate, Tyvec Typical Typical Typical
Roll, fanfold: Smart Labels - Typical Typical
Roll, fanfold: Ready-for-use shrink tubes - Possible Possible
Roll, fanfold: Pressed continuous shrink tubes - - -
Roll, fanfold: Textile tapes - - -
Labels1) Width mm 4-63 20-116 46-176
Labels    Height without label backfeed2) from mm 4 6 6
Labels h   eight with label backfeed2) from mm 4 6 12
Labels height with label backfeed when dispensing from mm 6 6 12
Labels Thickness mm 0.03-0.60
Carrier material Width mm 24-67 24-120 50-180
Carrier material Thickness mm 0.03-0.16
Continuous material Width mm 24-67 24-120 50-180
Continuous material Thickness mm 0.05-0.50
Continuous material Weight (cardboard) up to g/m2 300
Shrink tubes Width ready-for-use up to mm - 120 -
Shrink tubes Width continuous mm - - -
Shrink tubes Thickness up to mm - 1.1 -
Roll, reel: Outside diameter with core diameter mm

205 / 38,1 - 76
180 / 100

Roll, ree:l Core diameter mm 38.1-100
Roll, reel Winding Outside or inside
Ink side Outside or inside
Roll diameter up to mm 80
Core diameter mm 25.4
Variable length up to m 450
Width mm 25-57 25-114 50-170
Internal rewinder in peel-off version
Outside diameter up to mm 142
Core diameter mm 38.1 - 40
Winding Outside
Printer sizes and weights
Width x Height x Depth mm 200x288x460 252x288x460 312x288x460
Weight kg 9 10 14
Label sensor with position indication
Gap sensor for labels, punch marks or print marks in transparent materials and end of material
Reflective sensor from below or top for print marks in not transparent materials and end of material
Distance sensor to locating edge left-aligned mm 5-26 5-60 5-60
Height of material gap up to mm 2
Write/read module HF ISO/IEC 15693, 13.56 MHz -
Write/read module UHF ISO/IEC 18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen 2 -
Processor 32 bit clock rate MHz 800
Main storage (RAM) MB 256
Data storage (IFFS) MB 50
Slot for SD memory card (SDHC, SDXC) up to GB 512
Battery for time and date, real-time clock standard
Data storage when power is off (e.g. serial numbers) standard
USB WLAN stick 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n standard (included as extra item in the scope of delivery)
RS232-C 1,200 to 230,400 baud/8 bit standard
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed device to connect a PC standard
Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T LPD, IPv4, IPv 6, RawIP printing, DHCP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, TIME, NTP, Zeroconf, SOAP web service
1 x USB host at the operation panel for
1 x USB host at the operation panel for
Service Key or USB memory stick
USB WLAN stick 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
2 x USB host on the back side for Service Key, USB memory stick, keyboard, barcode scanner, USB Bluetooth adapter, USB WLAN stick
WLAN 802.11b/g/n, hotspot or infrastructure mode GHz 2.4 standard / 5
Periphery connection USB host, 24 VDC standard
Digital I/O with 8 inputs and outputs Peel-off/basic device standard /
Operating data
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz, PFC
Power consumption Standby <10 W / typical 150 W / maximum 300 W
Temperature / humidity: Operation 5 - 40°C / 10 - 85% not condensing
Temperature / humidity: Storage 0 - 60°C / 20 - 85% not condensing
Temperature / humidity Transport –25 - 60°C / 20 - 85% not condensing
Approvals CE, FCC class A, CB, CCC, cUL
Technology Nicht zutreffend
Mobileprinter Nicht zutreffend
Keyboard Nicht zutreffend
Follower Nicht zutreffend
Ready quality Nicht zutreffend
Parcelware Nicht zutreffend
Type Scanner Nicht zutreffend
Modellen Nicht zutreffend
Touch technology Nicht zutreffend
Aantal licenties Nicht zutreffend
Extra opties Nicht zutreffend
Warranty Nicht zutreffend
Quality DPI Nicht zutreffend
Box Nicht zutreffend
Connacting Port Nicht zutreffend
Label Width Nicht zutreffend
Optionen Nicht zutreffend
Printer type Nicht zutreffend
Manufacturer CAB
Operation OS Nicht zutreffend
Color Nicht zutreffend
Printing TEC Nicht zutreffend

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