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ACS ACR122U SDK Development kit

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    ACS ACR122U NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader SDK (USB) Warranty: 12 months
    excl. 129,00 € Incl. 153,51 €

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The ACR122U NFC reader is the world’s first NFC reader compliant with the CCID specification. The ACR122U is designed to support not only Rfid® and ISO 14443 Type A and B cards, but also FeliCa and NFC tags. Comprehensive SDK - ACS provides a comprehensive collection of sample codes for device and contactless card programming using the latest versions of powerful object-oriented programming languages namely, Java, MS Visual Basic.NET 2008, MS Visual C#.NET 2008, MS Visual C++ 6.0, and MS Visual C++.NET 2008. The extensive set of development tools and reference materials in the SDK allows one to use the ACR122U for RFID-based solutions, such as e-payment, access control, personal identity verification, mass transit and toll road fare collection. With this complete ACR122U NFC Card Reader Software Development Kit, users can optimize the use of ACR122U for their contactless and NFC applications. Smart Card Reader(s) •1 x ACR122U NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader Test Card(s)/ Token(s) •5 x Rfid 1K Cards •5 x ACOS3 Contactless Cards CD-ROM •Reference Manual(s) •Tools and Utilities: ◦ PCSC Learning Tool ◦ QuickView ◦ Script Tool 4 ◦ Smart Card and Reader Tool •Sample Codes: ◦ Demonstrates basic commands used to communicate with the cards and readers ◦ Available in the following programming languages: ◾ Java ◾ MS Visual Basic.NET 2008 ◾ MS Visual C#.NET 2008 ◾ MS Visual C++.NET 2008 (64-bit only) ◾ MS Visual C++ 6.0 (32-bit only) SDK Operating System Support •Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10

Technology RFID-MIFRE
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Manufacturer ACS
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