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CipherLab RS31 Touch Mobile Computer

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    Cipherlab RS31, 2D, Android 6, BT, WiFi, NO-GSM LTE, 4.7" HD, non-GMS, EU plug 1.3GHz CPU Quad-core, 8 mega pixel, black, snap-on USB, IP67 Warranty: 12 months
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    Cipherlab RS31, 2D, Android 7, BT, WiFi, GSM LTE, 4.7" HD, GMS, EU plug 1.3GHz CPU Quad-core, 8 mega pixel, black, snap-on USB Warranty: 12 months
    excl. 605,00 € Incl. 719,95 €

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    Cipherlab RS31, 1D, BT, WiFi, GMS, Android 7, Black LTE, 4.7" HD, GMS, EU plug 1.3GHz CPU Quad-core, CCD, 8 mega pixel, black, snap-on USB Warranty: 12 months

    Regulärer Preis: 530,00 €

    excl. Sonderpreis: 499,00 € Inkl. Steuern: 593,81 €


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RS31's friendliness in operation and reliability in wireless communication make it an optimal tool for mobile workers. Running on Android 6.0 operating system, RS31 equips users the capability to capture data in 1D/2D barcodes and RFID, as well as deploy NFC applications. Weighing at 260 g, it is easy for users to carry around in the field while it also provides reliable WiFi and 4G/LTE connections allowing accessibility to enterprise system anytime anywhere. Moreover, the RS31 is securely protected with IP67 rating and 1.2 m drop resistance to guarantee its excellent total cost of ownership. CipherLab RS31 series is the new generation mobile computer with evolved specifications that satisfies the demanding industries of the field sales, field service, retail and healthcare. Special touches are added to the already resourceful RS30 which evolve it into the new RS31. Not only does the RS31 bring next generation processing power, it also provides practical applications and accessories that help increase productivity and take business into the future.

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