Unitech MS842RB Cordless 2D scanner

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Unitech MS842RB, 2D, BT, kit (USB), black Bluetooth scanner, 2D, imager, 547 scans/sec., range: 100 m, IP42, incl.: cable (USB), charging/transmitter cradle, battery, colour: black 12 months
Sonderpreis €319,00 €385,99
The MS842RB is easy to operate. Great technical features com- bined with light weight (206g), comfort grip and ergonomic design, makes this MS842RB easy to carry around and comfortable to use. In addition, this scanner offers flexibility due to its multiple scanning modes such as, trigger-, presentation and buffer mode. Featuring a rugged design, the MS842RB scanner is rated IP42 for environmental protection and has a high 1.8m drop specification, making the scanner very durable. A trigger switch designed for 10 million scans ensures the MS842RB delivers productive use over a long period of time. The MS842RB supports HID and SPP protocol. In addition, the cradle can be mounted to a desk or wall, with no additional acces- sories required and offers a page-calling feature, ideal for scanner tracking.
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